Mike Scaccia Rigor Mortis/Ministry Guitarist Oct 6,2011

In this Interview Mike Scaccia discusses with WMSC’s “Japan Nick”  the upcoming Rigor Mortis and Ministry albums to be recorded in December (Ministry) and January (Rigor Mortis), words about the early days of his time in Ministry, Lollapooza, tourings overseas, as well as Rigor Mortis being on a new record label and more. This was recorded on October 8 at Fullers Vintage Guitars in Houston Texas.

Bonded By Blood Carlos Regalado and Juan Juarez May 16th 2012 Grammercy Theatre.

This interview was recorded on May 16, 2012 at the NYC Grammercy Theater concert featuring Bonded by Blood opening for Kittie. WMSC 90.3 and Bulldozer Magazine’s “Japan Nick” Perkel conducted an interview with Bonded By Blood’s Drummer Carlos Regalado and Guitarist Juan Juarez to discuss how their new album the Aftermath came out, words about Japanese releases, including the track More Worlds Than One, touring outside of North America and Europe and more. This video was edited by WMSC’s Adam Egizi

Ghoul MDF 2012 Digestor Cremator Hotel Interview

In this interview conducted at Ghoul’s hotel during the Maryland Deth Fest on May 26th 2012 WMSC’s “Japan Nick” Perkel spoke with Ghoul’s Digestor and Cremator about future shows with Toxic Holocaust, 2 new songs that were written during the Transmission Zero sessions, and the thought of Ghoul entering into Creepsylvanian politics.

2012 MDF Coke Bust Interview

This interview was recorded May 27th at the Maryland Death Fest’s parking lot of Club Sonar. In the interview conducted by “Japan Nick” Perkel of Montclair State University’s WMSC 90.3, Coke Bust discussed playing various past festivals, their upcoming 7″ with Vaccine, going out to Europe, and going on about bread.

Agents of Abhorrence Drummer Acheron NYC Interview

On May 29th 2012 after the Acheron (Brooklyn NY) Agents of Abhorrence concert, Japan Nick of Montclair State University’s WMSC 90.3 Radio station conducted an interview with the drummer of Agents of Abhorrence Max Kohane and discussed amongst other things their upcoming album, various spots in their US tour, how the Grindcore scene is in Australia, playing the Maryland Deathfest, about some shows played with Extortion, and tracking down American hamburger restaurants.

Unhoped 2012 Webcam Interview

Unhoped’s frontman Jyri Luostarinen and Bassist Samu Parviainen had a webcam interview with WMSC’s 90.3’s Japan Nick from Montclair State University on November 24th 2012 and spoke about such topics as being a winner of the Finnish Metal Awards, getting on blabbermouth, possible people to produce, mix and master their next album, going on about certain songs from their debut album Die Harder such as Priest’s Collar on Serpent’s Neck, Tidal Wave, Art of War, and songs from their upcoming album, performing in Finland, speaking about Napster and more!

Emilie Autumn Grammercy Theater  February 22nd 2013

      This interview with Emilie Autumn was conducted on February 22nd 2013 at the Grammercy Theater in NYC by WMSC 90.3’s Japan Nick.Emilie Autumn is a gothic industrial violinist whose most recent album was 2012’s Fight like a Girl Album. (It has) shaped up to be the biggest and most important release of her career appearing on her new label Asylum Emporium .Emilie spoke in great depth about her entrance into 2012’s The Devil’s Carnival film which was directed and produced by Darren Lynn Bousman who also worked on Repo! The Genetic Opera movie.
        She appeared on the soundtrack to that film with the song Prick the Scorpion’s Tail. Emilie was the first person to sign on to the project and through that was able to give a sizable amount of input. She revealed she had to dye her hair blonde on the first day and will keep it like that since she is attached to appear in the sequel which has a different focus. The sequel is now centered around heaven and the idea is questions whether the devil really the bad guy and some more introspective and existential questioning will take place. She also spoke about turning the Asylum into a Broadway musical, making soundtracks for it, and eventually turning it into a movie.She really explained in great depth the song Take the Pill about prescribed medication and the psych ward community. She said that often times, people would be over prescribed medication to better allow the people in the medical community to better control them as opposed to what would be a healthier solution for people that are suffering. She revealed that she did not write Prick the Scorpion’s Tail and had no role in it and it was a unique experience for Emilie since she performs songs that are always one hundred percent hers. During the filming of the song she revealed that it was shot late at night in the desert in deathly cold conditions and she apparently got so impassioned during her scene she ended up destroying a marble column when they weren’t filming.


Crashdiet Martin Sweet and Simon Cruz Grammercy 041313 Interview by Japan Nick

This interview was recorded on Saturday April 13th at the Grammercy Theatre by Montclair State University’s WMSC 90’s Japan Nick of Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium.
Crashdiet are a Sleaze Metal band from Stockholm Sweden that just finished an American tour in support of their fourth studio album called The Savage PlayGround with Crucified Barbara, and Snakeskin Whiskey. I got to speak with the guitarist Martin Sweet, and singer Simon Cruz, about various topics about Crashdiet. Right now they are on their second American tour and have plans to finally visit Japan for two concert dates in Tokyo and Nagoya at the end of May.
They spoke about advice for young musicians who wish to become successful in Scandinavia as well as worldwide. There was a short mention of what it is like for a hometown show in Stockholm and how that usually plays out. Songs from 2010’s Generation Wild and this year’s The Savage Playground such as Chemical, Drinking Without You, Liquid Jesus, and Night Hellride; had explanations given on what the songs were about and what the set of circumstances were surrounding each song.

Speedwolf Maryland Death Fest 2013 interview with Singer and Drummer May 26th 2013

Speedwolf’s Singer Reed Bruemmer and drummer Richie Tice of the Denver Colorado speed/thrash metal band were interviewed at the Maryland Death Fest on May 26th 2013 by WMSC’s 90.3’s and the Aquarian Weekly’s Japan Nick about topics such as radius clauses in LA and nationwide. Words of getting onto Spiritual Beast Records in Japan and touring internationally came up. The difference in how a show at the Maryland Death Fest or Thrasho De Mayo plays out and what it means for bands as well as fans as compared to a typical night on tour. Reed was speaking about his label Splattered Records who are distributed by Hell’s Headbangers and how that plays out. Fond moments of recording the music video for their song “Speedwolf” were gone over and more!
On Tuesday March 16th 2016 at the Championship Bar and Grill in Trenton, NJ Witchaven members frontman/rhythm guitarist Henry Montoya and lead guitarist Erik Sneve gave Aquarian Weekly contributing writer/ host of JApan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium Japan Nick an interview.
Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium broadcasts on Montclair State University’s WMSC 90.3 radio station in Little Falls, NJ.

We discussed how things in the Witchaven camp have been since the 2014 release of Blood Sacrifice. There is talk about the next album Esoteric Agenda being looked at as the true spiritual successor to Terrorstorm. Some topics will include various worldwide terror attacks from 2015. We spoke about Portland, Oregon in various regards and mention of the Northwestern Black Circle Fest coming up next month. Witchaven spoke about various releases that are coming up as well as bands they are friendly with. Also we spoke about Witchaven’s favorite Mexican gangster movie amonst other topics.

Nuclear Hatred at the Thrash Bash BBQ IV (2015)

Sonic Pulse at the Thrash Bash BBQ IV (2015)