In this interview Speed Metal Singer Bruce Corbitt talks about how Warbeast got onto the American Tour with German Thrash Metal Legends Destruction. Words about the Rigor Mortis and Warbeast songs recently recorded with some lyrics to new songs mentioned. Thoughts on the current state of music, mentions of new Rigor Mortis and Warbeast Merch and more. This interview was recorded April 10 2011 by “Japan Nick” Perkel and aired on April 20th 2011 on WMSC 90.3’s Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium

WARBEAST Guitarist Interviewed On ‘Japan Nick’s Rock And Metal Pandemonium’ (Audio) – May 10, 2011
Scott Shelby, guitarist of Warbeast and Gammacide. Scott talks about recent Warbeast songs, favorite horror movies, touring with Gammacide in the late 80s Behind The Victims of Science Album and MORE

WARBRINGER Frontman Interviewed On 90.3 WMSC (Audio) – Oct. 15, 2011
In this interview for WMSC recorded on September 26 2011 Warbringer Singer John Kevill Speaks to “Japan Nick” Perkel of Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium about the new album Worlds Torn Asunder, thoughts on touring overseas in Japan and the Ukraine, feelings on the first headlining tour for Warbringer in the United States, the European tour supporting Arch Enemy and more. This was originally heard on Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium on WMSC 90.3 on October 12 2011 at 11pm.

RIGOR MORTIS Bassist Interviewed On ‘Japan Nick’s Rock And Metal Pandemonium’ (Audio) – Dec. 26, 2011
Casey Orr the Bassist of Rigor Mortis was interviewed on December 13th by Japan Nick about the next Rigor Mortis album, as well as the next Ministry album, thoughts on the release party show for the S/T Rigor Mortis album, past touring days with Ministry at Lollapoolaza in 92 and more. This was broadcast on WMSC 90.3 on December 23rd 2011 at 11pm.

MINISTRY Guitarist Interviewed On WMSC 90.3 (Audio) – May 2, 2012

“Japan Nick” of Montclair State University’s WMSC 90.3 conducted this interview on April 23, 2012 with Ministry Guitarist Sin Quirin. Nick learned about Sin contributing the song Double Tap to Relapse, how past tours with Ministry in 2006 were and what days in Europe were like in addition to preparing for the upcoming Relapse Tour.

PHILIP ANSELMO’s Solo Album Is ‘Extreme As F**k,’ Says WARBEAST Drummer – Sep. 17, 2012

In this interview conducted on August 7th 2012, “Japan Nick” Perkel of Montclair State University’s WMSC 90.3″ Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium interviews Warbeast Drummer Joey Gonzalez about the upcoming Warbeast/Down Tour, visiting Europe as a touring member of Hank Williams III, appearing on Phil Anselmo’s solo album, The Warbeast split with Phil’s solo tracks and more.

This interview with Bonded By Blood Drummer Carlos Regalado was conducted on September 20th 2012 by WMSC’s 90.3 Japan Nick of Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium.
Talking points included appearing on the Death Angel tour, the development of the Crawling in the Shadows music video, speaking about past appearances at the Black Castle, feelings on appearing with Black Thrash bands like Witchaven, Dismantle, and Harlequin, how the European tour will go, and ideas on touring with Japanese bands for when the day comes for Bonded by Blood to tour Japan.

WARBEAST Guitarist Explains New Album Title – Sep. 26, 2012

This interview was recorded on August 27,2012 by Japan Nick for airplay on Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium on WMSC 90.3 and Topics of discussion included the American tour with Down, different bands sharing the stage with Warbeast in the US as well as Europe, a release date for the album Destroy (January 1st 2013) , and speaking about Bruce Corbitt’s metal wedding show.

DESTRUCTION’s SCHMIER Discusses His New Side Project Featuring ACCEPT Members March 21st 2014

On March 12th 2014 Destruction’s Singer/Bassist Schmier was interviewed by Nick Perkel aka Japan Nick contributing writer for the Aquarian Weekly and host of Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium on Montclair State University’s WMSC 90.3 Radio Station. Topics that were gone over included speaking about the writing sessions for Spiritual Genocide with what song took the most takes as well as the fewest. Discussing the parallels of tape trading and fanzines with youtube and blog sites. There was some discussion about Destruction’s live album Live Without Sense. Schmier looked back on how the studio sessions of the 1980s were done. We spoke about Black Mass (Sentence of Death) and Black Death (Infernal Overkill being recorded in the 1980s. Schmier discussed a new side project with members of Accept. We discussed analog recordings of recent years. Schmier talked about the meaning of the song Riot Squad. We ended the interview speaking about the first Destruction tour of the USA.

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