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Edited audio version of live Evan Russell Saffer July 20th 2011 WMSC 90.3 radio station including interview and acoustic version of “Dream of Love” Chemical Marketplace, So Far Away, Do You Really Want To Love Someone, and the new song She Likes Me She Likes Me Not.. Evan talks about his excitement over the ongoing production of his new music video, “Dream of Love’s Last Dying Breath” (concept and direction by JK Toth), words on past tours and more. 

WMSC 90.3’s Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium with “Japan Nick” Perkel. Sound by Jay Ray Rivera. Mike Bufis assisted drummer Tony Baptist and guitarist Eric Bair.

This is the music contained in this interview.
Evan Russell Saffer Dream Of Love’s Last Dying Breath Neon Gas
Evan Russell Saffer So Far Away 072011 Unplugged Show
Evan Russell Saffer Chemical Marketplace Neon Gas *
Evan Russell Saffer Do You Really Want To Love Someone 072011 Unplugged Show
Evan Russell Saffer Chemical Marketplace 072011 Unplugged Show
Evan Russell Saffer Dream Of Love’s Last Dying Breath 072011 Unplugged Show
Evan Russell Saffer With You Alone Neon Gas *
Evan Russell Saffer She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not (New song)072011 Unplugged Show

Evan Russell Saffer Concert/live in station interview consisted of these songs,

In this interview on 10/26/11 for Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium, Japan Nick conducts an interview with Evan Russell Saffer and had them do a live unplugged show.

These songs were recorded Just One Day
Mixing in with my blood
Do you Really Want to love someone like Me
So Far Away
Chemical marketplace
Jack Smith helped to engineer some of the recordings.


Evan, Cody and Diapers were at WMSC to conduct an interview/perform some live songs with Japan Nick. The music contained in this interview was
1 Weaver (New Live Track)
2. Alienator (Studio Song)
3. Merry Christmas from Evan Russell Saffer (Live song)
4 Dream of Love’s Last Dying Breath (Studio Song)
5. So Far Away (Live)
6 With You Alone (Studio Song)
7. Do you really want to love someone like me (Live Track)
8. Chemical Marketplace (Live Track)
9. Just One Day (Studio)


This was the 4th WMSC Evan Russell Saffer Interview. Evan Russell Saffer and Cody Darbe were present for this interview. There were some acoustic songs played as well as some tracks from the as of yet unreleased ERS 052612 Webster Hall bootleg album, the night ended with a double shot of Chemical Marketplace.

Zamboni’s singer Chris Butera was interviewed by Japan Nick of Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium and discussed Zamboni’s Blood on the Ice and Mother of Resistence eps, Zamboni’s musical influences, Chris’s favorite metal albums as well as horror movies, time as an intern at Eareache Records, horror movies, thoughts on the current state of music, and Chris’s adventure of getting to the Big 4 concert and MORE. This was recorded on Oct 27, 2011 and aired November 9, 2011.

This interview was recorded on September 18th 2012, by Japan Nick for airplay on Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium. Topics included the Thrash Bash BBQ, the North Jersey Metal Scene, the loudness wars in music, how Rob has implemented a DIY approach to recording/ editing his new album with Zamboni through learning about audio techniques at his college and more.



In this show segment Chris and Rob from Zamboni played music, answered a few questions and hung out on Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium. These songs were played Zamboni World War Z (Zamboni Sucks)
King Diamond The Storm Abigail II
DRI I’d rather be sleeping Dealing With It
Obituary Insane
Death Angel Dethroned Killing Season
Lich King Lich King III World Gone Dead
Gluminous Doom Knuckle Sammich
Anthrax Spreading the disease Gung Ho
Possessed Gung Ho
Possessed Burning in hell Seven Churches
King Diamond Into the Coven In Concert 1987 Abigail
King Diamond Family Ghost In Concert 1987 Abigail
King Diamond on the 7th day of July 1777
Morbid Saint Halls of Terror Destuction System
Kreator Impossible Brutality
Mercyful Fate Witch’s Dance
Diamond Plate Relativity Generation Why
Possessed Seven Churches Seven Churches
Insinnerator Saber Tooth
Evile in memoriam 5 serpent’s teeth

Zamboni’s Chris Butera and Rob Orr appeared on Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium to discuss the Thrash Bash BBQ, their feelings on current and past waves of thrash metal, horror movies and more from July 6th 2012.

Zamboni appeared for an in station interview on Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium on WMSC 90.3 on October 12, 2012 and discussed such topics as recent concerts played, the NJ Music Scene, The Blue Room, the CMJ convention, the new wave of American Thrash Metal, the difference between music journalism and blogging, their various side projects, Napster and more!

“Condition Critical is a Thrash Metal band from New Jersey – USA who recently released a demo in September 2011 to positive and encouraging reviews. With influences ranging from bands like Slayer, Exodus and Testament, the band digs deep into Old School Thrash Metal with memorable songs like “Time Wave Zero” and “Bred To Kill” which recall the days of early Kreator. The band also adds a Death Metal touch on songs like “S.M.R (Self Mutilation Ritual)” with non-stop riffing attack and aggressive drum beats.”
-Patrick Saad
In this interview Japan Nick from 4/20/12 had with the band discussed their upcoming trip to Florida to record their debut album, sharing the stage with notable bands like Morbid Saint, Jungle Rot, Burned By God Records, and more.

On October 19, 2012 Condition Critical’s Guitarist Sam Agnew and Bassist Mike Dreher stopped by WMSC 90’3’s Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium for an interview to discuss an upcoming show with Morbid Saint in Philly, what it was like recording their debut album in Florida, appearing for an interview with an Alabama radio station, and discussing their past appearances at the Blue Room with Bonded By Blood. This was the second interview by Japan Nick with Condition Critical, the first was on April 20th 2012.

Father and Son discuss their July Blones tour out to the Midwest, new songs they have recorded, the importance of the Violent Monocle,
Broken Castle (CD)
(Sailing on the moon) (CD)
Broken Castle Live
July Blones (Live)
I will be waiting Live
And various other live tracks about bad cigars, rice krispee treats, and more were performed.

Killed the Fiction stopped by WMSC on July 13th, 2012 to have an interview with Japan Nick and discussed their new song Moonlight Blue, recent concerts, favorite horror movies, and more!

The crustry New Jersey grindcore band consisting of Mike Maher (Singer) Ryan Lewis (Guitar/vocals), Devon Ray (Bass), and Elias Chalhoub (Drums) appeared on August 10th 2012 on Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium on WMSC for an in station interview and WMSC’s first live grindcore performance. Some intricate performances of Napalm Death’s You Suffer are accompanied by detailed conversation about the meaning of the song

Polyphony are a NJ Rock Band who appeared on Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium for an in station interview/concert on November 16th 2012 and they discussed the savage life,
and performed the following songs live
Storming the Bastille Live Song
Weaving Spiders come Not here Live
Divalta confect waltz
Call Me Ishmael
Summer between a few and a few too many

Xero Gravity was on Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium on November 18th 2012 for an in station performance and interview with Japan Nick and Melissa Ann Mautone
the following songs were performed
Here they come (Studio and Live Version)
End of Me
Rockit Program
Speaking of Running from my past music video
Chatting about zombies
Debating Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica.
Storm (Studio)
And spoke about the Skate and Surf fest.

On January 4th 2013 Apathy from Clifton, NJ visited WMSC 90.3 for an in station interview with Japan Nick. Apathy talks about the meaning of their songs, They tend to write songs about factual events in through life, as well as ideas of fantasy.
Born into pain
Final Threat
Era of Terror
Speaking of various festivals like Wacken, New England Metal and Hardcore Fest, Chaos in Tejas.
Going out to Phoenix to perform 5 shows.
Hell is All We Have the new album
Thinking about the Metal Alliance dates
Big brother episode

On January 18th 2013, Shadowplay appeared on the Last Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium Interview in the old studio at the Student Center at Montclair State University.
The followings songs and topics were gone over in the interview.
End of all things song (1st shadowplay song) live version
Dark Hour live song
Aspirations Visions live song
Live version of Boy’s Fantasy
Autumn Sky a song about chasing after someone and wanting to be in their life, it just doesn’t work out that way.
Song about Hurricane Sandy (Sandy Eyes
Speaking about the Trocadero theatre as well as World Cafe in Philly Finley Ohio Birmingham Alabama and more.
Speaking about street teams in other parts of the US and other countries
How promotion for bands revolves around social media vs physical media like flyers
Playing the pay to play shows
These drops live recording
Speaking about their distribution network Monkey Bars
Speaking about Comcast concert in Columbus, Ohio
The belligerent drunk from Finley Ohio

This interview with the singer, bassist, and manager of Atrophia was recorded live in station on April 27th 2012 on “Japan Nick” of Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium on WMSC 90.3. The band spoke about bands they have played with in the past such as Warbringer, Lich King, Jungle Rot, and Condition Critical, an upcoming EP Bottled Abomination, and getting reactions at concerts and more.

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